13-04vec Intro to Metal Clay

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Welcome to the wonderful world of metal clay! In this technique-packed class you will learn how to work with this fascinating medium and discover how to make several projects, as well as how to fix mistakes if and when they happen. We will also discuss stone setting and learn how to torch fire.

Date: Thursday, August 13, 2020

Time: 9am - 12pm (CST)

Instructor: Sulie Girardi

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials Kit: 10 g. fine silver metal clay, polishing kit , two fireable cubic zirconia stones. *Instructor will contact you regarding your choice of stone after registration.

Required Tools:  

    • Basic metal clay tool kit (roller, 20 playing cards, scalpel/craft knife, small paintbrush, fluffy medium paintbrush, olive oil, plastic drinking straw, sanding sponges, toothpicks. Flat working surface such as a tile. Optional: texture plates/rubber stamps, cookie cutters or templates Wire brush, steel or brass.
    • Straight salon board (nail file)
    • Small cup of water
    • Saranwrap/ cling film
    • Small piece of glass, acrylic, or other hard, transparent material. 
    • several small pieces of of non-stick, flexible material, such as a teflon reusable baking sheet. (3" by 3") Or "Tuffcards" available at Cooltools.us
    • Fine tweezers
    • Firing set-up (Butane torch with butane or electric kiln, soldering board or fire brick, Fire tweezers)
    • Drying arrangement of choice: such as mug warmer or food dehydrator. Additionally, a small box and hairdryer help to speed up drying after the initial drying phase.