14-08vec This and That Bracelet

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This class will cover a little bit of this and a little of that. Soldering, riveting, fusing, reticulating, wire wrapping and YES! even a little stone setting. Every link is a miniature project in itself and can be created to your style. Participants will receive a collection of different materials to make one of a kind bracelets. Even if we were all sitting together in a room, no two bracelets will look alike. Lets get back to making and show off your finished bracelets at the next event!

Date: Friday, August 14, 2020

Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm (CST)

Instructor: Kieu Pham Gray

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials Kit:  enough material for 1 mix metal bracelet (SS stock, copper stock, copper pieces, brass grains, semi-precious beads (may vary in size and color), liver of sulfur, drill bit, sanding material)

Tools Needed: 

Flush cutters (ultra preferred)
• Flat nose pliers
• Chain nose pliers 
• Round nose pliers
Heavy duty side cutters
Nylon nose pliers
Curved burnisher 
Metal Shears 
Needle files
Metal Student files
• Bench block 
Chasing Hammer 
Riveting hammer
Rawhide mallet
Prong pusher or prong pliers
Self-tapping center punch or center punch
• Flex shaft rotary tool or Pin Vise
• Sharpie, fine tip
Soldering set-up (torch, tripod with mesh, solder board, fire tweezers, pickle and pickle pot, quench bowl, solder, flux)
Solder pick 
Pumice or third hand 
Fine Tweezers (optional) 
 Round mini bezel mandrel  (optional)
Steel ring mandrel (Optional)  
• Magnifying glasses and Ott light as needed