14-09vec Floating Gem Ring

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This beautiful ring with a timeless design features a sparkling, clear cubic zirconia floating in a textured cradle. The ring band has a D-profile, and is therefore especially comfortable to wear. The ring construction is straightforward but slightly challenging.

Date: Friday, August 14, 2020

Time: 1:30pm - 4:30pm (CST)

Instructor: Sulie Girardi

Skill Level: Intermediate Pre-requisite: some previous metal clay knowledge is helpful

Materials Kit: 20 grams fine silver metal clay, silicone mold, pot of paste, polishing kit, one fireable, clear cubic zirconia stone.

Required Tools:  

    • Basic metal clay tool kit: roller, 20 playing cards, scalpel/craft knife, small paintbrush, fluffy medium paintbrush, olive oil, plastic drinking straw, sanding sponges, toothpicks. Flat working surface such as a tile. Wire brush, steel or brass.
    • Straight salon board (nail file)
    • Saranwrap/ cling film
    • small cup of water
    • "snake roller" or piece of acrylic or plastic about 4-6 inches long (optional)
    • Texture of choice: a piece of wallpaper works very well for this project
    • small dowel , bubble tea straw or other curved surface for doming a rectangle
    • Round or half round sanding stick: a dowel covered with sand paper does the job as well
    • Firing set-up  (Butane torch with butane or electric kiln, soldering board or fire brick, Fire tweezers) Fiber blanket or vermiculite to support ring during firing.
    • Rubber-tipped clay shaper
    • Small piece of glass, plexiglass or other transparent firm material
    • Ring mandrel 
    • ring sizer
    • Strip  (approx 4" by 1") of non-stick, flexible material, such as a teflon reusable baking sheet.
    • several small pieces of of non-stick, flexible material, such as a teflon reusable baking sheet. (3" by 3") Or "Tuffcards" available at Cooltools.us
    • pencil
    • scotch tape
    • Drying arrangement of choice: such as mug warmer or food dehydrator. Additionally, a small box and hairdryer help to speed up drying after the initial drying phase.
    • liver of sulfer patina gel if desired