15-07vec Bubbly Set

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Learn to make this aquatic inspired set; octopus collar, starfish bracelet and earrings. An octopus might feel at home in bubbling water, right? Make richly textured fabric step by step. Bubbly's netting is slightly irregular, resembling items caught in a net. The starfish bracelet echos the shape of the collar, has a narrow wristband, front cut-out and more stunning fringe that drapes beautifully across the hand. Bring your own Bubbly collar, bracelet and earrings wherever you go!

Date: Saturday, August 15, 2020

Time: 9am - 4pm (CST) 1-hour break

Instructor: Catherine Haedrich

Skill Level: Intermediate Pre-requisite: Knowledge of bead embroidery, back stitch, brick stitch, and netting are all helpful.

Materials Kit (included in price): 

Bubbly Octopus Collar: Octopus Stamping, Brass 3 sizes Dome Beads, various colors Cabochon Beads, various colors Mushroom beads, 3 sizes Abalone Beads Spacers, Antique Brass Flat-back Rhinestones, 2 sizes Drops Starfish charm, Antique Silver 3mm Bicones
Japanese Seed beads: 15/0, Matte Grey 15/0, Yellow 15/0, Green 11/0, Gold 15/0, Gold 11/0, Gunmetal 15/0, Gunmetal 15/0, Opaque Lavender
Misc: Stiff Felt, Lavender Stiff felt, black Ultrasuede Backing, Gunmetal Plastic Sheet Hook & Bar Closure Post Earrings, Stainless Steel

Bubbly Starfish Bracelet: 2 sizes Starfish charms, Antique Silver, 2 sizes Dome Beads, 6mm 2-Hole Cabochon Beads, various colors Mushroom beads, 2 sizes Abalone Beads, 2 sizes Drops, 3mm Bicones

Japanese Seed: beads 15/0 Matte Grey 11/0, Gold 15/0, Gold 11/0 Gunmetal 15/0 Gunmetal
Misc: Stiff Felt, Lavender Ultrasuede Backing, Gunmetal Plastic Sheet Anna Bronze bracelet toggle, antique silver

Misc: 16x10mm box clasp, 23k gold plated stiff felt, light blue Ultrasuede backing, plastic sheet

Required Tools:  

  • At least 1 size 10 (short) and 1 size 12 needles
  • Beading thread: FireLine 6lb, Smoke
  • Beading Mat
  • Thread burner or lighter
  • E6000 glue
  • Toothpick
  • Awl
  • Short sharp scissors
  • Paper cutting scissors
  • White gel pen or pencil
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Tape measure
  • Hand held hole punch
  • Nail file or 220 grit sandpaper
  • Thick rubber bands