16-1PA Just Bag It! (all day)

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Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022


Location: Lansdale, PA

Lets make something different but use our jewelry making skills to finish the job. To complete the project, this class will utilize many aspects of your crafting skills. Starting from rawhide, you learn how to cut, trim, dye and finish leather to create a purse. Students will have the opportunity to pick from several brown tones for dying and either blue or brown suede for contrast. 

  • Instructor: Kieu Pham Gray
  • Skill Level: Intermediate (must have ring making skills)
  • Materials Kit (Included in Fee): enough material for 1 handbag (leather, brass stock, hardware, choice of burgundy or navy suede accent)
  • Please indicate suede color choice at check out. Thank you!

Students are required to bring the following: 

• Sharpie
Chain nose pliers
• Metal ruler at least 18"
• Cutting surface at least 18"
• Rotary cutter or Xacto knife (with new blade)
• Latex gloves
• Old rag that can be thrown away (t-shirt will work)
• Magnifying glasses  (as needed)

The following items will be provided to share, if you do not wish to share, you are welcome to bring your own.
Bench block
Steel daps at least 1"
Chasing hammer
Bowl of pumice
Rawhide mallet

Student files
Bezel shears
• Brass brush

Super grip gloves (optional, but recommended)
Solder pick
Soldering set up
Third hand for soldering bail (optional)
Solder set up
• Fine tip Sharpie
Steel ring mandrel

Leather working tools will also be provided to share. If you do not want to share, please contact Kieu directly to make arrangements to purchase.