17-4V Color Wave Pendant

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Classes will be conducted via Zoom

Description: Adding color to your silver fabrication is not exclusive to enamel. In this project we will create a simple inlay process with crushed stone to add a wave of color. To allow curing time we will split the class into 2-parts.

Materials included in price: silver stock, crushed opal, adhesive (not shown in picture. will update picture soon.)

Date: Sunday, January 17, 2021

Time: 2 sessions, 1:30 - 5pm, break for dinner, 7-9pm 

Instructor: Kieu Pham Gray

Skill Level: Intermediate, there will be some soldering challenges

Required Tools:  

Flush cutters (ultra preferred)
Flat nose pliers or parallel pliers
Chain nose pliers
Nylon nose pliers
Fine tweezers

Needle files or Metal Student files to include a half round.
Bench block 
Rawhide mallet
• Steel ring mandrel or hoop mandrel or something with a large curved surface that may be use for shaping and can withstand a mallet.
• Solder pick (optional)

• Flex shaft, polishing compound, muslin wheel
Solder set up
Silver solder paste
Jewelers' saw & 2/o saw blades, cut lube
Bench pin
• Ruler

• Sharpie, fine tip
• Dust mask
• Eye protection
• Small bowl with clean water

• Paper towels
• Exacto knife
• Super glue accelorator (optional)
• Acetone
• Rubber cement