Fidget Ring - QT Zoom

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Pre-requisite: Soldering experience helpful.

Instructor: Kieu Pham Gray

Zoom Session: 2 sessions, Saturday- July 17th & July 24th, 10 - 12pm EDT

Written instructions will be emailed to each registrant prior to class.

Materials kit: Enough material for 1 ring (sterling silver stock, CZ, sanding material)

Please notate stone choice in checkout. If stone choice is not notated crystal will be provided.

*4mm CZ color choice (pick 1): pink, aqua, orange, pale yellow, crystal, champagne, ruby, olivine, lt amethyst.

*3mm CZ color choice (pick 2): orange, crystal, olivine, lt amethyst, amethyst, light sapphire.


Recording, instructions and shipping included in kit purchase. 

***Orders for kits will start shipping July 13th, 2021.  

Descriptions: Fidget rings are fun to look at and to play with, making them will take a little engineering. In this class we will make a ring that will spin independently from the base to create an optical illusion.  


*You will need the following tools to complete the project. 


• Sharpie
Chain nose pliers 
Flat nose pliers 
Heavy duty side cutters 
Parallel pliers 
Bow closing pliers (optional) 
• Brass brush

Fine tweezers 
Bench block  x2 or hex anvil
Chasing hammer 
Rawhide mallet 
Student files 
Needle files 
Curved Burnisher or Bezel Rocker or Square Bezel pusher  or Setting burnisher set
• Flex shaft or
Euro lustre & muslin wheel 
• Center punch
Steel ring mandrel 
Wood ring mandrel 
Ring sizer 
Bezel mandrel 
Bowl of pumice 
Honeycomb solder board 
Third hand 
Super grip gloves (optional) 
Solder pick 
Soldering set up 
• Magnifying glasses (as needed)
Liver of sulfur  (optional)