Russian Filigree Tutorial - Marta Medler

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Artisan Filigree is not something you can easily make after you have watched a few videos on Youtube. It requires a lot of specific knowledge.

This tutorial is a very detailed guide into making Artisan filigree. It is for you only if you are ready and willing to bring your jewelry making to the next level. It requires a lot of tools and supplies, patience and a real desire to learn filigree making.

I've put all my knowledge into it, I explain every step I make, I give you tips and tricks that are very important for filigree making, explain why this and why not that.

I created this tutorial to help you make your first steps in filigree making and I really hope you will find this information useful. Self teaching filigree is not easy, but I did it and you can too. I believe in You!

Please, do not distribute, lend or copy. Do not mass produce. Please, give credit to me if you are making designs using this tutorial.
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