Metal Immersion - Summer Camp 2021 *Waitlist Only*

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August 15-19, 2021

Welcome to Metal Immersion Summer Camp

Four days of gathering just for fun. During this time we will share laughs, drinks and definitely crafting. Your level of participation throughout this time is up to you. Our only expectation is that you will have fun. 

The fee includes all meals and lodging. You must find your own transportation there and alcohol. Crafting classes to be announced and will be an additional fee.


Aug. 15 - Arrival not earlier than 4pm. Happy hour and dinner.

Aug. 16 - 2 crafting classes (1. wine bottle candles, 2. etching on wine bottles) morning hike, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Aug. 17 - 2 crafting classes (1. Oragami, 2. wire angels) evening camp fire, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Aug. 18 - 2 crafting classes (1. painting on Oui cups, 2. tba)morning hike, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Aug. 19 - Departure no later than 10am, breakfast.