Step by Step Surprise Project 16: Radiant - QT LIVE

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Skill Level: Intermediate

QTalk Live on FB Session: 1 session, Wednesday - Feb. 24, 1pm EST

PROJECT: Radiant

This is the sixteenth project in the Step by Step Surprise series. Every project has had its own flare, while this one will radiate. Take a leap of faith and see what it is all about. 


Silver is the only option for this project. Choice of stone, please refer to photo.

Written instructions.
Shipping included.

Kits will start shipping Feb. 10th, 2021. Kits ordered after Feb. 17 will ship Feb. 22, 2020

*You will need the following tools to complete the project. 

• Sharpie
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Side cutters (preferably flush)
Heavy duty side cutters
Bench block
Chasing hammer
Metal Student files
Needle files
Prong pliers or prong pusher
Jewelers’ saw & 2/o saw blades, cut lube, bench pin (optional)
• Flex shaft
Euro lustre & muslin wheel
• Bowl of pumice
Honeycomb solder board
Third hand
Solder pick
Copper solder paste
Solder set up

How it Works

Do you like mysteries or surprises? If you do, this is the perfect project for you. Here is how it will work:

 * Once a week I will show a few steps so we can build it together unil the project is complete. You will have a week in between the steps to keep up. Your first clue will be upon arrival of your kit and over the course of three weeks the surprise will be revealed. Some projects will be a single session while others will be presented over multiple sessions.

 *You will need to have some silver soldering knowledge.

 *Purchase a “surprise” kit – Every project will have its own flare. As always, a little extra material will be provided just in case.