Step by Step Surprise Project 5: Secure - QT LIVE

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 Skill Level: Beginner

QTalk Live on FB Session: 1 session, Wednesdays - July 8, 1pm


A little security goes a long way. This project is nice symbol of what makes all of us feel safe. Take a leap of faith and see what it is all about.

Kit Options:

Option 1: Sterling silver option only for this project.

Both options will include written instructions.

*You will need the following tools to complete the project.

• Side cutters (ultra flush preferred)
• Heavy duty cutters
• Bow opening pliers
• Needle files
• Jewlers’ saw & 2/o saw blades
• Chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers or multi-looping pliers
• Rawhide mallet
• Bench block
• Ring mandrel
• Tube cutting pliers (optional)

• Flexshaft
• Solder Kit


How it Works

Do you like mysteries or surprises? If you do, this is the perfect project for you. Here is how it will work:

 * Once a week I will show a few steps so we can build it together unil the project is complete. You will have a week in between the steps to keep up. Your first clue will be upon arrival of your kit and over the course of three weeks the surprise will be revealed.

 *You will need to have some silver soldering knowledge.

 *Purchase a “surprise” kit – Every project will have its own flare. As always, a little extra material will be provided just in case.