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Skill Level: Intermediate

Instructor: Kieu Pham Gray

Zoom Session: 3 sessions,

May 7, 1:30pm EDT - Diffuser

May 14, 1:30pm EDT - Open Window

June 5, 10am EDT (SATURDAY!) - Hinged

Written instructions will be emailed to each registrant prior to class.

Materials kit: Each vessel project will have enough to make 1 project with extra pieces for good measure. A variety of brass, sterling silver stock, drill bits, saw blades, sanding material, cabochon, glass vials, leather, and chain will be provided accordingly. 

Shipping included. Discoun

***Kits will be shipped starting on April 20th. 

Descriptions: Three weeks of vessels. We will create a different vessel every week, each with a different design, closure and challenge. Each week will progressively be harder. We will start with a "Diffuser" for essential oil or perfume. Then create one with a different kind of closure, the "Open Window" will contain a vial that can be used to hold a memento and will have an opening that reveals its inner contents. And finally the "Hinged" one will be set off with a cabochon and a hinged closure. There will be room for personalization for all of them. Choose one or all three. 

This class will be conducted via Zoom. Registrants will be emailed an invitation to join the Zoom meeting 3 days before class and will be required to register with Zoom to gain access. Video will be available for 90 days after the first class and will be available on a private channel on YouTube. 


Tools Needed: 

• Sharpie
Flush cutters (ultra preferred)

Flat nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Needle files
• Heavy duty side cutters
• Parallel pliers
• Multi-looping pliers
• Fine tweezers (optional)
• Metal Student files

Bench block 
Rawhide mallet
• Student files
• Needle files
• Divider
• Curved burnisher
• Bezel rocker
• Bracelet bending pliers
Bench pin

Silver solder paste
Jewelers' sawcut lube
Chasing hammer
• Divider, for #2
• Tube cutting pliers (optional)
• Flex shaft or pin vise
• Steel dap set (including ½” dap)
• Bowl of pumice (optional, but recommended)
• Honeycomb solder board with pins (not required but would be helpful)
• Magnesia block
• Vice (optional)
• Supergrip gloves (highly recommended)
• Solder pick
• 3/8” wooden dowel rod, for #2, #3
• Copper solder or brass solder
• Steel wool
• Sand paper (400)
• Magnifying glasses (as needed)
• Cooking oil (about 1 tbsp),  for #2
• Eyedropper (optional), for #2
Solder set-up