2.25 mm Cepheus Lowercase ELITE CLASS Tapered Metal Alphabet Letter Stamps

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Now introducing our ELITE CLASS stamps to the mix. The quality you have come to know and love is now ever BETTER. Our Elite Class stamp comes tapered at the end to allow easier line-ups, sharper stamping bringing you the best quality stamp money can buy.

This Cepheus set is a tiny 2 mm (size is based on the ave. of ascender/descender letters) Lowercase Elite Class alphabet letter set made of high quality heat treated, tool hardened steel, good for use on stainless. First on the scene with this unique typeface. Set includes all 26 letters of the alphabet, Exclamation Point and Ampersand.

With this Elite Class stamp you will find that using a light hand when stamping is beneficial. This tapered sharp stamp leaves an incredible impression with a light touch. They are so sharp our designer used a 1" leather mallet for the impression in metal. Too heavy a hammer and/or strike with the hammer and the letter will be unreadable. Size of the square shank is 8 mm x 8 mm and runs 60 mm in length.

***** International Customers - You may be asked to pay additional shipping when buying all 4 sets of Cepheus. The weight is currently on the border. All 4 sets might have to be shipped via Medium Flat Rate ( approx. $65) I will notify you via email if this is the case.


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