Founded more than 10 years ago, Metal Immersion started as a one woman show in the greater Philadelphia area. Once a year, a small group of like-minded people, seeking more experience in jewelry making and having fun, gather for a weekend of learning. Through the years our event has grown and we expanded to include additional instructors from around the country to broaden our knowledge base. Then in 2018, we were able to expand our little event to an additional two locations, Ohio and Washington. Although we have not been able to return to these other locations, we have expanded to other countries. In 2022, we had our first MI Excursion to Austria and will be looking forward to several more there. In 2023, we are looking forward to reaching the other hemisphere with MI Excursion Australia. Check back for updates. 

Meet our instructors.

What makes us special? Great instructors, small class sizes and wine. What more could you ask for? Really. It's a weekend of laughter while learning with a community of people who have the same addiction.

If you like to learn and laugh, we hope you will join us at one of our upcoming events.