Enamel Color Kit - Transparent Tones

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12 Transparent Tone Enamel Colors: Cascade Blue Transparent , Golden Clear, Chestnut Brown, Chartreusse, Lime Yellow, Peppermint Green, Grass Green, Copper Green, Heron Blue, Savor Purple, Mandarin Orange, Woodrow Red Transparent. Approx. 6 grams of each color.

Kits also available in Earth Tones, Cool Tones and Jewel Tones. Click below:

Cool Tone Enamel Colors: Opaque Crackle Base White, Pastel Green, Peacock Blue, Horizon, Pastel, Clover, Grape Purple, Dove, Nile Green Transparent, Periwinkle Blue Transparent, Peppermint Green Transparent, Golden Clear Transparent

Jewel Tone Enamel Colors: Bitter Green, Mistletoe, Sapphire, Cobalt, Iris Purple, Buttercup Yellow, Marigold Yellow, Flame Red, Black, Elk Brown, Transparent Clear for Silver, Geranium Pink Transparent

Earth Tone Enamel Colors: Melon Yellow, Ivory, Alpine, Pea, Chamois Brown, Pumpkin, Victoria, Chestnut Brown Transparent, Copper Green Transparent, Heron Blue Transparent, Mandarin Orange Transparent, Lime Yellow Transparent.