Online Streaming Consultation

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Are you ready to jump into online teaching?

For the past twelve weeks, I have worked my way through eight hardware devices, over twenty software options and multiple platforms to uncover solutions that best suits online crafting instruction.

With experience from my previous career as a computer consultant and trainer, I have successfully reengineered my hands-on teaching structure to work with online platforms. Having effectively worked through the ever changing landscape and updates, I have found best practices to tackle unforeseen hurdles, even while streaming live.

If you have been thinking about offering on-line classes, but are unsure where to begin, let me work with you to shortcut the process and reduce time to market while expanding your repertoire of hands on classes to include the internet.

Each session is personalized to your needs. Whether you are 1.a hands on instructor or 2.a boutique retail store looking for a creative way to reach your customer, thereby creating a new stream of revenue or awareness for your product. The first 1.5 hour introductory session ($105) will put on the right track, with follow up sessions to fine tune your process. My goal is to save you many frustrating hours of searching the internet for information.

Through private video conferencing, we can discuss the many options including hardware set-up, software and apps, and platforms. Sessions will also allow for screen sharing so you will be able to see exactly how I navigate between the software components. Once you are set-up, we will run private “dress rehearsals” to help you get comfortable on screen and prepare you to go live.