Titanium Bezel Soldering Clamp

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This is a multi-use tool for both soldering and cutting straight ends for bezel wires. No more worries about the ends coming apart or twisting – especially those thin ones. No stress, no frustration.


  1. Works best to mount Grip onto a Third Hand.
  2. Squeeze gently behind the knob to release pressure on the screw while opening the tips at the same time.
  3. Slide bezel wire as shown, adjust the ends so they are touching each other with no gap in between. Tighten the screw just enough pressure to hold the bezel.
  4. Solder as usual.

Caution! Don’t touch the grip, it will be hot!! The grip can be air cooled or, to speed up the procedure, pick up the whole assembly by the base and quench into a bowl of cold water. Then loosen the grip, remove and finish as usual.


    Perfect cuts, no filing needed.
  1. Mount Grip on 3rd hand.
  2. Line up the marks, and insert onto the tips as shown on photo.
  3. Hold onto the tail end of wire and cut along the line between the tips with jewelry saw.
  4. This doesn’t need much pressure, especially towards the end.