Mix It Up Mondays Kit

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Mix It Up Mondays

Mondays in April and May, 1pm EDT on Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube.

April 19 - First Step

Apri 26 - Enamel

May 10 - Wire

May 17 - Cold

Kit includes: Enough materials for Four projects. (Copper chain, copper stock, pearl, SS wires, SS discs, brass texture sheet, Bali beads, Swarovski beads, cabochon and shipping.)

Kit does not include enamels or tools. 

You will the following tools to complete the projects.

Tools Needed: 

• Sharpie
Flush cutters (ultra preferred)

Flat nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Needle files
• Heavy duty side cutters
• Parallel pliers
• Multi-looping pliers
• Fine tweezers (optional)
• Metal Student files

Bench block 
Rawhide mallet
Riveting hammer
• Student files
• Needle files
• Divider
• Curved burnisher
• Bezel rocker
• Bracelet bending pliers
Bench pin

Silver solder paste
Jewelers' sawcut lube
• Bench pin
Chasing hammer
• Divider
• Flex shaft or pin vise
• Hand punch 1.25
Curved burnisher 
• Steel dap set (including ½” dap)
• Steel wool
• Sand paper (400)
• Enamel set-up
• Magnifying glasses (as needed)
Solder set-up