Motley Metal Mondays Kit

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Motley Metal Mondays

Mondays in February and March, 1pm EST on Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube.

Enough materials for EIGHT projects and then some. 

Kit includes: copper disc (various shapes and sizes), copper wires, copper jump rings, SS wires, SS discs, filigree beads, decorative beads. 

Kit does not include chains, enamels or tools. 

You will the following tools to complete the projects.

Enamel Set-up
• Enamel colors
• KlyrFire or holding agent
• Alundum stone
• Trivet
• Sifter
• Penny Brite
• Magazine pages
• Paint brush, #2 fine tip
General Tools
• Sharpie
• Chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Flat nose pliers
• Side cutters (preferably flush)
• Heavy duty side cutters
• Multi-looping pliers (optional)
• Fine tweezers
• Bench block
• Chasing hammer
• Rawhide mallet
• Student files
• Bezel shears
• Bezel shears, curved (optional)
• Disc cutter (optional)
• Jewelers’ saw & 2/o saw blades or disc cutter
• Two-hold draw down punch or hand punch
• Steel ring mandrel or dowel rods (Lots of dots)
• Steel dap set or wood dap set (Zeppole, Shot Through the Heart)
• Magnesia block
Firing set up
• Tripod
• Butane torch
Project Specific Tools
• Rubber stamps (Splash project)
• Versa Mark Watermark pad (Splash project)
• Air blower (Splash project)

• Steel Awl (for enameled beads) preferrably 2 (enameled beads)
• Small metal can, bowl or bead scoop (enameled beads)
• Copper solder (Bubble project)